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DataOps services should come from those who KNOW your data and have decades of experience working with the domain

Data Provisioning

Wyntec created A2B Data™ as an end-to-end Active Data Acquisition, Data Transformation, Data Lineage, and Data Provisioning solution to meet all of your data needs.


Wyntec’s expertise has everything to do with assessing value through data. For over 24 years, our DataOps Services has engaged a multitude of customers to develop and manage robust data governance, project oversight, architecture, designs, and turnkey implementations.

Data movement, data plumbing, and data integration is our expertise. So when you need to expedite your project deliverable, we are there to help!


Wyntec has a partnership program that delivers value to end customers by offering direct services, private label, and consortium services. Get in touch today or request more info to get started.


Are you a big data influencer? Wyntec has developed A2B Data™, the latest SaaS tool to help companies move big data faster and safer than ever before. And we’re looking for top key Affiliate influencers to position our product with the right companies.


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